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Mystery Box (6pcs)

Mystery Box (6pcs)

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Classes have already started but we're making this a permanent project! We will continually send support for their education.

Profit from the sale of the Mystery Box goes to an educational fund for indigenous youth, in coordination with GINHAWA, Inc., a mission-inspired initiative that conducts programs at the service of well-being, including outreach to teachers, youth, and service providers. Together, we contribute to supporting young Manobo women who are eager to study. Education is a proactive response that Is seen to motivate parents from giving away their girl children as “child brides" even before the age of puberty. 

They also face extremely limited sources of income for food and other basic needs for survival and large families due to early marriages as the child bride practice persists in this tribal community.  

* You'll get 6 pieces of mixed items -- bralettes, knickers, bodysuits, harnesses, and/or accessories.

Most of the items that will be sent are from very limited laces I had purchased, and items that never got to the website.

Please leave a note for your measurements to make sure I can give you the correct size! :)



  • EXTRA SMALL fits 30A and 30B
  • SMALL fits 32A and 32B 
  • MEDIUM fits 32C, 34A, and 34B
  • LARGE fits 34C, 36A, and 36B
  • EXTRA LARGE 36C, 38A, and 38B 


  • EXTRA SMALL fits 24"-25"
  • SMALL fits 26"-27"
  • MEDIUM fits 28"-29"
  • LARGE fits 30"-32"
  • EXTRA LARGE 33"-36"

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