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REMEDIOS Collection

I began Sefra years ago as part of my healing process from an abusive relationship. Although it took me a long time to finally come out and tell you all my real story, I hated my body, pushed people away and distracted myself from the important things in life. I had sabotaged my own success. So it means a lot of me to have the courage to finally say it in public —I am a survivor.

This year, as I turn 30, I had a lightbulb moment. This year, I’ll put the “new year, new me” into action. I am leaving my insecurities, expectations, and removing people that aren’t worthy of my time. I am connecting more with people who are loving, loyal, have beautiful hearts, and most importantly, I’m focusing on myself and my growth.

Lingerie helped me come to that. It helped me love my body again, to listen to what my inner self needs, how not give to give a fuck. It helped me learn to love ME again, and I hope it helps you love yourself more too.

In this collection, I hope to highlight women who are the epitome of this story. They represent me and you —brave SEFRA babes who have overcome hardships, abuse, insecurities, and scrutiny.

I hope this collection helps you heal. Heal from that voice in your head that tells you you’re not good enough, heal from the trauma you had to endure, and heal from thinking you’re not beautiful. Embrace your story because these experiences shaped you. 

So love yourself, be brave, heal, claim your spot, scream your sexuality, and move past what others think of you. Love yourself, no matter what.